Frequently asked Questions and Answers
Whether you plan on sailing
alone, after your wedding,
or bringing the whole
family.  A cruise ship
wedding will be the best
choice for a fantastic affair.
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Answer:  No, we are a full service travel agency
and are paid by the cruise line.  However, for
some airlines there will be a $35.00 service fee
per ticket if you wish to have Cruising
Weddings run your ticket.   Also cancellations of
large cruise groups will be assessed a service
fee of $100.00 for 50 or less passengers, and
$200.00 for a group of 50 or more passengers,
if everyone in the group cancels.
Question:  Do I have to collect all of my guests
information? names, credit card numbers, etc...
Answer:  Sure if you want to, however we
offer this service to you, so you can have a
stress free wedding.  Just give your guests
our phone number or email address and
we'll do the rest.  All cabin information will be
posted on your
Wedding Website so you will
know who is booked and what cabin they are
in.  Your guests will receive a receipt that
looks similar to this
booking receipt.
Question:  I want to have a cruise wedding,
but not everybody will be able to cruise?
1. If you are getting married the day of sailing
most cruise lines offer a day pass for a limited
number of guests to come onboard for the day.  
2.  Have the wedding on board, or on a tropical
island, then have a reception when you get
back home.
3.  Princess cruise line offers weddings at sea,
your non-sailing guests may watch online from
their web cam.
Answer:  If you get married on the beach, we
can book a cocktail party back on the ship
afterwards for you.  Or some cruise ships have
a premium dinning room that you can rent out
for the night.  Cocktail parties must be prior to
600pm as the ship's lounges are in use after
dinner by the rest of the passengers.
Question:  Almost everybody will be cruising
with us for our wedding, but I still want to have
an old fashioned, dinner and dancing reception?
Question:  Why can't I book online?
Answer:  We offer a complementary service, of
speaking to a live person and the same
person every time you call.  We negotiate
group rates, with the cruise line on your behalf,
this saves you hours of time, credit card
processing, sending out receipts, and
itinerary's to everybody in your group.  You are
still considered the group leader and all group
leader benefits you earn still apply.  Also this
prevents your mother in law booking the room
next door to you, let us know who and who not
to book next to your cabin.  
Question:  How far in advance do I send the
"Save the Date" notice?
Answer:  If time allows, 1 year or more in
advance, this allows time for all of your guests,
to take time off of work and start saving money.
Average time is about 8 months in advance.  
Also keep in mind ports of call sometimes
change this far in advance please do not print
any napkins, etc... with your wedding date on
them until your final payment date.
Answer:  Yes after we receive your initial
cabin deposit, you can make payments
whenever you would like.  Most wedding
planners will require the full basic ceremony
package to be paid in full to hold your spot.
Please send us all your group requests, who
wants to sit next to who at dinner, and who
doesn't, what dining time you prefer, etc...
Question:  We have some guests that are
particular about not vacationing together?
Answer:  No problem, most cruise lines have
mega ships, that hold over 3000 passengers.  
Book their cabins on opposite ends of the
ship, and they will never see each other.
Question:  Does Cruising Weddings Services
cost me Money?
Questions:  Can my friends and family give
the gift of travel?
Answer:  Yes all cruise lines have a gift section
on their website for onboard credits, wine, etc...
we can put this link on your
Wedding Website if
you like.  Also if anyone would like to apply a
payment to your cabin as a gift, it's as simple
as filling out our credit card form and emailing
or faxing it back to us by your final payment date.
Question:  What are the different locations on
board the ship weddings take place?
Answer:  Most 6 night cruises or longer offer a
Wedding Chapel or Wedding Room.  Princess
and Celebrity offer Deck Weddings, and
shorter than 6 nights cruises, your Wedding
will take place in a decorated lounge. Most
Island locations offer a beach and other island
sites to choose from.
Question:  What if I've already booked my
Answer: If you have booked directly with the
cruise line, it's no problem to add our name as
your travel agent, and assist you with your
cruise, wedding, and complementary website.  
If you have booked with another travel agency
you would have to cancel your cabin and
rebook with us, since we cannot pull up
another travel agency's booking.  
Question:  Are your cruise prices the same
as other travel agencies and booking direct?
Answer:  Yes, as of Aug. 1st 2005, all cruise
lines give the same standardized pricing to
individual reservations this includes all travel
agencies and direct bookings.  Group rates,
senior rates, military rates, AAA rates, and
past passenger rates may be lower, please
call us for pricing.  
Question:  Do I have to use the Cruise Lines
Wedding Packages?
Answer:  No, we can assist you in finding
private wedding planners that may be less
expensive, however this is not recommend for
the main hurricane season July to Sep.
Questions:  Can I make payments, and have
my guests sit next to each other at dinner?
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Age Requirements
First Time Cruiser
Cruise Ship Questions:  
Answer:  You must pay for your cabin via credit
card or pre paid gift cards with the credit card
logo.  We act as an agent for the cruise lines,
and your credit card statement will reflect direct
billing from the cruise line you have selected.
Question:  How do I pay for my cruise?
Question:  Do I need wedding insurance?
Answer:  We always recommend wedding
insurance and travel insurance, however it is
not mandatory.
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