Complementary personal wedding website for your Wedding Cruise
There are a couple different ways to customize your Wedding Website

Deciding if you wish to have a Wedding Website with Cruising Weddings?  
Some couples prefer to buy their own domain name, use,, carnivalweddingwebsite or don't have a use for one.  If you
choose to make your own we can email you all the information that you will need
to copy and paste on there along with a link for the RSVP booking form.

2. Decide if you wish to have a public website for all your wedding guests to see,
or if you would like your website just for you to see. Either way your website will
pull up as follows or (whatever you wish).  Don't worry no
one else will be able to look at your wedding website, there is no link between our
home page and yours.  Keyword at the end of Must be put in to view.

3. Decide what information you would like in your site, if you choose to have a
private website for yourself, items would include who has made a deposit, cabin
numbers, etc... If you choose to have a public website for all your guests to see,
items would include, a pricing page, ship itinerary, pre hotel night information,
parking or shuttle information, home page, photo page, etc... Take a look at our
30 different examples listed to the left.

4. You can add or remove pages, combine 2 examples ideas if you wish, just send
your personal Cruising Weddings Travel Agent an email on your preferences.
Cruising Weddings is a proud affiliate of Travel Planners Intl. Fully bonded and licensed as "sellers of travel" #065122
by the Florida Dept. Of Consumer Service  
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